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This game was made for a sudo game jam that my team and I worked on for Uni. The game jams theme was single button input and we had to make it in Unity3D. This was done in 14 hours.

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This is a plugin made for Unity which can record any object for a specified amount of time and have it replay the recorded time or rewind to the start of the recording.

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This is a demonstration of shaders and particle effects created in OpenGL

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This is a Virtual Reality puzzle game created in the Unity3D engine called Illuminate. In this game you explore around solving puzzles to unlock new areas to explore and more puzzles to solve.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Ryan Mallett and I have been programming since my last year of high school (2015). I never really knew what i wanted to do when I finished school but when I started coding I realised how much I enjoyed making video games.

I have just finished a game programming course which was done at the Academy of Interacitve Entertainment. It was here that I really discovered my love for programming.

I grew up around sci-fi and fantasy as both my parents play Dungeons and Dragons  and so in 2011 I started playing aswell. I am now the Dungeon Master for a game that I run with my friends aswell as playing with the same group I first started playing with.

My parents both also played video games. This lead to the first game I played was Diablo II, but the first game I ever bought for myself was Ratchet and Clank.

One of my other hobbies is playing soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was 4 so this year (2018) will be my 17th year of playing. I have also become the manager of my soccer team as of last year and again this year.


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